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Visonic MCS-700 Strobe Siren - Blue

Visonic MCS-700 Strobe

This siren (with strobe) works wirelessly with your PowerMax or BT VP1000 control panel, and provides a visual and audible deterrent for the outside of your house.

It plugs into any convenient power socket inside your house, and has an onboard rechargeable battery to cope with power cuts.

Please note this unit requires drilling through your external wall or window frame for the power cable


Visonic MCS-710 Strobe Siren - Red


The MCS-710 is a fully supervised PowerCode outdoor wireless siren and strobe light that eliminates siren-related cabling work. Designed for external installation, it is compatible only with PowerMax®+ panel

Fully wireless, the MCS-710 is simple to install. It is battery powered with batteries which last for 5 years. It provides intrusion and fire alarm signals with a 98 dB Piezo siren and high power strobe light as well as audible verification of arming and disarming. It also transmits status, tamper, low battery, supervisory messages to the control panel.

Note the MCS-710 is only compatible with NEW panels. Panels bought prior to May 06 can only accommodate the MCS-700.

You Can not use the MCS-710 with the VP1000 system

Pledase note the MCS-710 is a red strobe, and the MCS-700 is in Blue

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