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BT VP1000

BT Home Monitor VP1000

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The BT Home Monitor VP1000 is an intelligent house alarm system that alerts you to fire (with optional smoke detectors) or intruders wherever you are in the UK, via e-mail, text message or a fixed-line telephone call*.

Self install Fast and easy to fit BT's Home Monitor wireless alarm system has been designed with the average homeowner in mind. It is simple to understand and easy-to-fit. If you can use a screwdriver, you should be able to install this kit in under 2 hours.

You won't damage your room decorating The BT Home Monitor is wireless so you have no cables to route around your home. The sensors even come with adhesive so you don't need to drill any holes.

Just plug the control panel into the mains at any power socket and connect it to your phone line.

Take it with you if you move Unlike most alarm systems, the BT Home Monitor is completely portable. If you ever move house, just take it with you. It's the perfect solution for students or those who move often for work.

Full BT support BT support line: 0870 2401 979 BT run their own call centre dedicated to the BT Home Monitor. If you encounter any technical or service problems after you have fitted your Home Monitor system, you can call BT's call centre for assistance.
Their call centre is a dedicated 0870 (national call rate) number, so you won't be paying premium rates for help. Monitoring The UK 's most affordable alarm monitoring service BT's monitoring fees are only 16p per day (£5 per month), which is far less than any comparable service.

With this kit you even get the first 3 months free!!! There is no ongoing contract, and you can cancel your monitoring service at any time.
Alarm monitoring is a more effective way to protect your home, possessions and family. If movement is detected when your alarm system is armed, BT's monitoring service automatically calls your home to check for false alarms. If it is not a false alarm, alert messages are sent to you and 2 other people to inform them of the problem.
This unique service alerts you to the threat so you can decide on the most appropiate action. Alert messages are sent by phone, SMS text message and email. You control who receives these messages.
BT also monitor for panic attack, triggered by using the panel or keyfob within your home.

NOTE: BT's monitoring service only monitors kits installed in homes within the UK.

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